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At the Nexicom Group, we strive to provide an exceptional experience for all our customers, including those with disabilities or health impairments. As our company grows and evolves, we continually learn and develop new ways to be more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Below, you’ll find information on how we have implemented standards to create a more accessible environment for our customers.

Accessibility Plan

Customer Feedback

Feedback from our customers is invaluable to the Nexicom Group, as it offers us opportunities to learn and enhance our services. We recognize the importance of our customers’ rights to provide feedback, whether a complaint, compliment, or suggestion for improvement.

To ensure the effective and timely delivery of goods and services to individuals with disabilities, we invite our customers to share their feedback or request documents related to the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service through the following methods:

In Person/Writing:
Accessibility Coordinator
Nexicom Inc
5 King St E.
Millbrook, ON
L0A 1G0


Phone: 1-833-932-4202

Please visit our Contact page for a complete list of our physical office locations.

All customers will receive a response acknowledging receipt of their feedback. We will outline the actions we plan to take in response to any complaints received, ensuring effective communication through writing, in person, email, or telephone.

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